Sierra High Route on Sterioids

In April Jordan Horner, Aaron Fischer and I were granted money from the American Alpine Club (ok, Jordan was..) to “Live our Dream.” July 1st, we begin a month long arduous journey through the mountains in California via the Sierra High Route. We won’t just be hiking this time like in 2013 with his family but we will be adding peaks almost everyday.  This means rock climbing to the top of a number of classic climbs…for 30 days.

Its not just a climbing trip…

This is a chance to spend quality time with two people of whom I value. Time spent with these individuals is well worth the time training, planning, and executing this project. I have learned tons from these Godly men and am excited to learn even more over the next month.It is a place where I can dream big and find new direction in ministry. During the last few months after completing the Appalachian Trail, God has opened many doors for me to work in an outdoor/adventure tourism setting. To formulate ideas of how to touch the lives of people already on a path of searching for an answers in life.

It is a moment to reach a wider gamut of people though Social Media. This is only a guess but if we do our job right (documenting, trip reports, speaking engagements, video, photography, etc.)  then its possible millions of people could view our trip.

Please Partner with us.

Please pray for the team on this trip for our safety.  I will be coming straight from Dutch Harbor which sits at sea level to sleeping at Iceberg Lake an elevation of around 11,000. This isn’t good by any means and the window for me to work out consistently this month has been lacking. We will be climbing around 27 peaks in 30 days.Thank you guys for everything you have done. Thank you for praying and thank you for your time and money. These are all priceless to me.

Until Next Time

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