The End Is Near

We are just a few miles from the end…the passing ‘Congrats’ high fives have begun from South Bounders…the goodbyes and hugs from other stinky hikers have become more numerous. We had to say goodbye to a group of people that we met on the first day (The Germans) Things are coming to an end…

…At least for hiking. I think for a few days after the trail we (YWAM) will be sticking around and seeing the other hikers we know begin their summit hike to the top of Katahdin.  In many ways, I really hope what these people were “looking for” were found…but, in the middle of all this I know there isn’t an answer at the top of this mountain…its going to feel great getting to the summit to put a punctuation mark at the end of this long distance hike.  But my true hope is they have found the very thing that inspires me.  This walk with Jesus that I have shared with my fellow hikers. This view of the “Body of Christ” that hopefully works as the body should. To serve and to love. To struggle and persevere.  To shine, reflect and add flavor to who God is in all His Truth.

The next few weeks will be very busy getting back to Richmond Virginia, planning the next step for the ATDTS, and then heading back home to Salem, Oregon….a home I haven’t been to in over 2 years! (I think this is pretty cool.)

If I had my way I would be able to come visit you….make a road trip out of my journey back home and spend time with the people that care about what and how I am doing…so, if I show up on your doorstep randomly, I can only stay for a month…just kidding. Just watch your back. 🙂

Thank you for all your support.  You are continuing to make this possible.


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