Brazil x5


Though we had a few different hic-ups along the way this course in Ponta Grossa was the fastest and easiest build on record.  We completed 13 “high elements” and 7 “low elements” in an easy 4 days building. It was completed with the help of over 30 people ready to serve where needed.  After a few days of training the Staff and working out the kinks it was already time to head to Mendoza Argentina.

At this time I wasn’t able to buy a ticket and so I was still searching a praying for a way to get over to Mendoza.  Thankfully, I had been invited to go a little road trip starting in Curitiba Brazil for me and ending in Mendoza…an easy 2,900km or the equivalent from Savannah Georgia to Portland Oregon.  No big deal.  It took us about 35 hours 29 minutes and 17 seconds with all the getting lost…I am pretty sure the average speed was about 14 to 170 kph…you do the math….good times.

When we arrived in Mendoza it was time to build…we had a smaller team and only high elements to build cause Jeff and his wife had been there a few years prior to build a low course. The cable we had also was too big for the ferrels we had so one of our team members drove all the way to Buenos Aries to get the new cable. Even with that little hic-up we completed this course in a speedy 4 days with a mandatory “have fun day”.

Its great to be a part of the 10th and 11th course completed with YWAM Ropes International.  The international team is by far an amazing group of people to work with.  I am so grateful to be apart of working with this team.



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