Many miles. Many thanks.

Tis the season of thanks and I couldn’t be more thankful. This year has been quite the unforeseen ride. I never in my life imagined doing what I have done and I most certainly couldn’t have done it without those that have prayed for me and sent me money this year. Truly you guys are the best.

For a quick update from Brazil we have completed 2 courses in the time I have been here. One in Ponta Grossa and the other in Mendoza Argentina. I have lost count on how many courses I have built the last 7 years but with the team we have now it took us only 4 days to build the course. This was a surprise to every one including Jeff and I but when you get experience and 30 people together to build then its kinda easy. Both locations we had a handful of experienced people that made the work light. It great to be down here in South America.

I am getting looks here at Subway so I am going to go but take a gander through my photos on Instagram 20131207-192854.jpg






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