Brazil X4

I am in Brazil again.  Second time this year and I am completely baffled at how it has happened.  I thought for sure I was not coming back here for a while when I left but here I am.

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What I am I doing here? This coming month I will be building another Ropes Course this time in Ponta Grossa, BR.  This will be the 4th fully completed course I have worked on in Brazil.  We will have over 22 people working together to complete this course in less then 8 Days!

I have only been here 2 full days and things have gotten crazy. The first morning I woke up at 7 in the morning Brazil time (0200 hr. in Salem) and drove to another town to play in a soccer tourney…we ended up getting 2nd place overall (10 teams) and I got my 5 minutes of play.  That same night I went home and there was an outreach to the local community with Team Extreme a sort of Power Team/clowning ministry with the local YWAM Base here.  Such a cool thing to see the people I have worked with in the past doing their thing on stage and bringing light into the darkness.  I also met a guy last year in Kansas City working with that team.  It was great to see a brother from last year working here in Brazil.

That night a friend of mine from here picked me up and I stayed the night at his place and then Sunday I went with him and spoke the last few minutes of the service.  Kinda like jumping in head first.

Here in the next few minutes I will be leaving to pick up the first members of our team that is arriving from the US.  Jeff, Joanna and Bethany. Once they get here then we can start to separate gear and organize it a little bit more before the big build.

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