Help me with a plane ticket and new Macbook.


As the days come closer to leaving for Brazil and Argentina, I am still holding out for getting a Macbook.  For the last 7 years, I have saved up money to buy a computer and then purchased a ticket to build a Ropes Course down in Brazil with YWAM Ropes International.  Not that I am complaining about Brazil!  I love it down there. This will be my 4th time building a course! But…I need a Macbook.  I need one to store, edit, and share photos from the different ministries I am working with.  I have made due with my iPhone 4s with sharing photos and videos but my silly sausage fingers and squinty eye balls are getting tired after 2 years of having that.  (Again, no complaints).

One other thing I am raising support for is a round trip plane ticket to Argentina from Brazil.  Tickets are around $500-$600 dollars and I need to purchase that as soon as possible.

There are a few ways you can go about donating money.

To Donate online through YWAMSalem go here.  If you want to write a check here are the instructions, if I will see you sometime before I leave go here.  Also, be looking on Facebook for a Fundrazr Campaign.



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