Your on The JMT huh? I am doing the SHR with a 2 year old…


I have been avoiding this little update for a while for a few reasons. First, my eyes are getting tired of typing on an iPhone. Second, so much has happened. Third? I am sure there is a reason…just can’t think of it right now.

First off, what was I thinking I could play with the likes of real climbers and mountaineers? Jordan and Ruth have spent countless hours hiking and leading teams overseas with DTS Students and I thought what better people to hang out with for a month and learn if not by osmosis the ins and outs of hiking with a team of people. The other Teammate we had with us on the Route was The Amazing Cannon Ball Boy himself! Henry Horner! Henry is Ruth and Jordans son two and a half years old and full of energy, opinions and two and a half year oldness. Watching this dynamic of a family on the SHR was interesting. I guess just as in real life the schedule revolves completely around this…spawn…of yours.

A few funny moments on the trail whenever it was time for Henry to get in the carrier he instantly became The Amazing Canon Ball Boy! Sometimes he would back off 25 yards and as all three of us went through the fan fare of introducing this death defying stunt, he would be gearing up for running over rocks, going in a zigzag and eventually landing in the safety net of Moms backpack. Most evenings we would make dinner and right as Ruth or Jordan would bring their spoon to their mouth, Henry would proclaim, “I have to poop.” Without fail the food was put back into the insulation and it was off to dig a whole! Every Time.

Part of the time, I realized I was putting expectations on Henry for a few reasons. First was because he can actually communicate and understand words that are coming out of my mouth. Not something that a lot of 2 year olds can do. This reason and the fact that his surroundings weren’t normal for his age either. These two think kinda threw me for a while when trying to figure out why he wasn’t happy at times…then I came to the realization, he is just expressing all the emotions and feelings that I have on the inside! Of course I don’t want to wake up and get out of my warm sleeping bag, it’s cold outside! This sucks!

This will be a good thing to remember (kind of extreme) on the AT next year…I am going to be hiking with students that may or may not be experienced in hiking. Not that I will be parenting but I will need to be on all the time during this thing even when I am about to eat something.

More to come…


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