God Listens to me (Back in the Saddle Part 1)


I am starting a little series of posts about my time that I had down in Brazil…This is one of the lessons I learned (again) when I was down there.

You may or may not know this but I have been working at YWAM Salem for the last 6 years.  I have found a struggle with what I know God has said in my life (going) and where I have been (stayingish)….If you don’t know I feel like I should be “out on the field” filming and documenting the things missionaries and different NGOs are doing along with some version of Pastoral Care for the people that are out there in the middle of it…(thats that in a nut shell).

While I have never thought the last six years have been a waste by any means I have always had a longing and drive to be away from my desk…sleeping on my sleeping pad or on a bus/plane/hike/whatever to the next story.  I have had these times for sure sparaticly throughout my time thus far but the time down in Brazi gave me a chance to realize that maybe I have been at the end of my rope…for a long time. Working with the wrong set of tools.  So with a lot of time to think and pray when I was down there I came back with a dilemma…How do I tell the leadership here that I can’t/don’t want to run the office anymore? I need to tell them that I don’t want to be administrating people or trying to maintain an office anymore.  Well, hour one of me being back here fixed that right up.  🙂  I was approached with the foreign (scarcastic) thought that maybe I haven’t been in the best place in ministry and I should be out more…what I felt was a wide smile and an even happier heart I couldn’t agree more! Finally! I wasn’t going to be running/maintaining an office!  I get to work for the office now!  Great news!  God really does listen to me!  I was having the hardest time trying to figure out when and how to tell the leadership and they took care of it for me.  So Good.  🙂

What does this mean now?  Well, everything will be unfolding here in the next few weeks and the new guys will be in charge and I really believe things will launch this summer for everyone in this office.  I am stoked for it.  One reason why I took the position was because it needed to be filled and no one else would do it.  As Jesse (The Base Director) put it, I have been fighting in someone else’s armor….(I need to be naked haha…) and its time to work/run the dreams, ministry, and ideas to the fullest extent.  🙂  GOD LISTENS.

I joke I have been fired from my volunteer position but really this is one of the coolest promotions out there…to work freely in your ministry….so good. I have learned a lot of things from running the office the last few years that maybe I someday I will know how to share on this blog…all good things of course.  My time really has been blessed.

So, a challenge to you….In all the crying and bellyaching you do to God, listen and walk…he isn’t upset at you, he wants you to prosper…He wants the best for you, and though it might take 40 years of creating the best for you, going through the hard, uncomfortable stuff….eventually ends…and then more hard, uncomfortable stuff happens 🙂  Through it all God hears you so make your reqests known to him….do it now.


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