Plains, Trains, and Automobles

Times after the trip…I didn’t expect the time after the last trip to be very busy…it wasn’t…at all. I got back to the base and there were a few people around…not very many but a few. The whole reason I came back to the base was because I needed a few different things done…meetings and cleaning. Since I didn’t have very many meetings and only my room to clean….I really had a lot of time on my hands…to much. Everyday more people left and pretty much it was just Rob (my roommate) and I on the base, I spent most of it walking in the rain between my office and my room doing different things..very uneventful. By day two I needed to be back on the road, itching to get back on the road. It had almost seemed like forever since I had the pressures of the travel schedule…its almost an addiction…the push and rush of everything…good stuff.

So finally that day came along. It was my first time on a train in The States…ended up getting a few good photos along the way up here to Port Orchard. Welcomed with Ice Cream and a comfy bed to sleep on Ashley parents have opened their home to me during this time. Thanks guys.

Day 2 up here…we shot a movie…Josh, Ashley, Chet and I….a sequel to a previous movie they shot. Here is the one we just finished…hope you enjoy.

Let me introduce to you

Gary Lomaxx – Professional Gnome Hunter II (The Sequel) “Till Death Do Us Part”

Gary Lomaxx – Professional Gnome Hunter II (The Sequel) “Till Death Do Us Part” from Joshua Brown on Vimeo.

If you look close enough I am in this movie…yeah thats right busting out my camera style.

Next stop? New York…last year when I was coming back from Brazil I ended up getting a free ticket with United and so….now is the best time then any to go….So, the next time I update is from New York.

Night all.


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