I am off

I don’t know when the next time I am going to post is going to be but I am sitting in the PDX airport right now waiting to fly to Thailand. I should have a good time taking pictures and stuff. Hopefully I can Post some and keep you up dated Love all of you and hope this next month goes well for you. Now for the pic this is Trent and I am so glad that he came to see me off what an encouragement. I think part of the reason why Trent was here was because he wanted me to get used to driving in Thailand…I love his driving Anyways. Trent Thank You so much for All that you have done for me and the things that you do I only hope someday I can be as big of a blessing to you that you have been to me. Remember what goes around comes around. Keep it real.


One response to “I am off

  1. Hey nice pics.It’s nice to see us without so much facial hair! That was a fun weekend. Or I guess it was really more like a day. I’m glad that you had such a momentous trip to Thailand. And I’m glad to have offered support in any way possible. It should be fun to see how God uses you from here to eternity!Peace on

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